With extensive experience of a range of public sector policy programmes and funding streams at the regional, national and European level, we can help you to identify and secure the most appropriate sources of funding.

Once the funding has been identified we can help to secure it through:
  • Research to provide the evidence of market need or failure
  • Engaging partners to secure support and match funding
  • Developing detailed delivery and financial plans
  • Establishing a monitoring and evaluation framework
  • Preparing funding applications or tender responses
  • Supporting funder and ex-ante negotiations

Our long track record supporting project delivery, monitoring progress, and assisting our Clients with the preparation of reports, returns and financial claims to project funders, means that we can help you throughout the lifetime of your project or programme.

Typically we design or support revenue projects of up to £10m value - or programmes up to £100m - supporting business start-up, development and growth; learning and skills development; and employability or access to employment. We also have experience in small-scale capital projects - for instance the development, or fit-out, of premises to house business, innovation, training or employment centres.